February 16 - 19 , 2018
Women's Artistic Gymnastics - Levels 2 through 10/Open
Men's Artistic Gymnastics - Levels 4 through 10

2012 - 2017 Nastia Cup Qualifier

February 16-19, 2018

money to be donated directly to charity on behalf of INI-TRAM Events, and Club name
*see eligible organizations below

and donations towards your charity for 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th place!
A TOTAL OF $12,000.00

Charity Awards will be b
ased totally on accrued points

points for early commitment
(deposit postmarked before May 31, 2017)
points for the team that comes the farthest
 (based on Mapquest, Club to Venue)
points for teams staying at the Host Hotels
(minimum of 5 rooms)
20 points for teams that "represent" their charity well
(examples- themed leos, t-shirts, signs, awareness booth, etc...)
points for each level entered
(must be entered as a Team, minimum of 3 athletes)

points for each Event Winner
points for each Age Division AA Winner
25 points for each 1st Place Team Award
points for each 2nd Place Team Award
10 points for each 3rd Place Team Award 

click here for pre-registration form
click here for official 2018 meet brochure and registration form

Entry Fees

Level 2
$65.00 per gymnast
$75.00 per gymnast, if postmarked after November 1, 2017

Levels 3 and 4

$85.00 per gymnast
$95.00 per gymnast, if postmarked after November 1, 2017
Levels 5-10/Open
$115.00 per gymnast
$125.00 per gymnast, if postmarked after November 1, 2017

Team Entry
$50.00 per Level
Teams are 3 gymnasts

 Gate Admission Fees  

Session- Adult $15.00 / Youth (5-12) $8.00 / 4 and under free
Day Pass- Adult $30.00 / Youth $20.00 
VIP Weekend Pass- Adult $50.00 / Youth $30.00

A complimentary VIP Weekend Pass will be given to 1 parent of 3 competing gymnasts
Please have your coach contact the meet director for issuing complimentary passes

Mailing Address

16625 Redmond Way Suite M - PMB 214
Redmond, WA 98052


Eligible Organizations 
All nonprofit or nongovernmental organizations that hold charitable status determined by the United States Internal Revenue Service are eligible for the CHARITY CHOICE AWARD. Eligible organizations operate on a not-for-profit basis and have a mission to benefit the local community that could include, but is not limited to, the following.

  • Providing relief to the poor
  • Advancing education
  • Improving social welfare*
  • Preserving culture
  • Preserving or restoring the environment

*Social welfare or public charity, organized provision of educational, cultural, medical, and financial assistance to the needy. Modern social welfare measures may include any of the following: the care of destitute adults; the treatment of the mentally ill; the rehabilitation of criminals; the care of destitute, neglected, and delinquent children; the care and relief of the sick or handicapped; the care and relief of needy families; and supervisory, educational, and constructive activity, especially for the young.

Ineligible Organizations
The following organizations are not eligible for the award.

  • Non Governmental Organizations without the proper charitable status
  • Individuals
  • Private foundations
  • Government organizations
  • Educational institutions
  • Healthcare organizations Exception: Certain health clinics that provide services for free or on an ability-to-pay basis may be eligible.
  • Amateur or professional sports organizations Exception: Programs that assist or fund Special Need athletes such as Special Olympics.
  • Political, labor, or fraternal organizations
  • Religious organizations Exception: Separate charitable entities with a secular community service or project may be eligible.



































































































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